Antaean Solutions is a niche consultancy and staff augmentation firm that has provided services to clients in the financial services industry since 1997.
If you paid a great deal of attention during your studies of Greek mythology, you might remember a giant named Antaeus who was invincible so long as he could touch the Earth. As financial services professionals, each with over twenty years of hands-on, bottom-line management experience, we understand the disconnect that often occurs between development of strategy and the critical task of implementation. That is why we always remain in touch with and draw on our considerable backgrounds and expertise.


Our business model requires no employees and even the members of the firm are not salaried. There are no resources on the bench and there is no incentive for us to try to force a consultant into anything less than a perfect fit. We select most of our resources from a pool of over 400 independent consultants, almost all of whom gained management experience in the financial services industry before they decided to become consultants. Further, as independent consultants who must maintain their own clients and develop their own engagements, they have every incentive to remain current in their areas of expertise. We never ask our clients to train our people or to broaden their horizons. Our intent is to supply resources with proven performance in very similar, if not identical, roles.


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