For more than twenty years we have been involved in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures in the financial services industry. We have worked in virtually every area within a bank and in every phase of the integration process. Our experience in actually getting the integration of the two organizations done has resulted in recurring work with our clients. We are equally comfortable in leading the integration process or participating in a client led project. We have:
  • Served as program and project managers,
  • Built project offices,
  • Designed the future environment for the new organization,
  • Facilitated integration planning discussions between the two parties,
  • Led change management,
  • Assisted with organizational design, and
  • Advised senior management.


Due to our extensive work on mergers and acquisitions, several clients have solicited our assistance in developing integration planning methodology for use in the planning stages of integration projects that occur as a result of acquisitions of other organizations. We strive to provide clear documentation of the roles and responsibilities for participants and guidelines for consistency in process, analyses and results. We work with the client to create an Integration Playbook to facilitate a better understanding of the organizations to be merged and to ensure that the client can efficiently and quickly produce a project plan(s) to integrate the acquired institution. The methodology includes defining guiding principles, scope and process, structure with clear roles and responsibilities, and specific tools. Our goal is to create a plan that will lead to an efficient and timely integration of the acquired institution’s business with existing services/clients in the merged organization. At the conclusion of this effort, the implementation of the integration plan will be the responsibility of the client using existing project methodology and tools.

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