Business Process Innovation (BPI) is an approach to improve operating effectiveness through the redesign of critical business processes and (sometimes) supporting business systems. It coexists with continuous process improvement efforts but should result in a radical redesign of key business processes. In BPI engagements, we look at the details of the process, such as why the work is done, who does it, where is it done and when. The BPI process requires seven steps for each targeted business process:
1) Create a Project Framework - Build a comprehensive foundation and framework for process innovation that will support and sustain the required focus, direction, and motivation. 
2) Identify Customers and Determine Needs - Develop a concrete and
comprehensive understanding of the internal or external customers of the targeted process and their needs and wants.
3) Develop Workflows for the Existing Process - Gain an understanding of the "what" and "why" of the targeted process that will reinforce the need for significant change and provide a basis for the redesign step. Detail input, control points, screens used, forms used, and output.
4) Set Process Performance Goals - Collect appropriate data, compare the data to industry benchmarks and translate the findings into redesign goals (e.g., improvement in time, cost and/or quality).
5) Redesign the Existing Process - Formulate customer-focused breakthrough redesign concepts based on the understanding gained in the previous steps in conjunction with our industry experience.
6) Compare the Proposed Solution to Industry Best Practices - Ensure that the “breakthrough” redesign is, in fact, the best design available for each individual client.
7) Implement the Redesign - Manage the implementation of the redesigned process and apply other key learning from the previous steps to achieve dramatic improvements in business performance. Development of detailed, step-by-step, user-friendly procedures and complete training of the individuals involved is included.
The application of our consistent methodology for Business Process Innovation in a variety of organizations has resulted in customized processes and procedures that are as different as the strengths, geographic dispersions, product mixes, systems capabilities and cultures of the organizations themselves.  We seldom commit to helping with BPI unless implementation is included in the engagement.


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