During the most recent decade we performed over 200 engagements for 33 firms in the financial services industry.
Our clients include 6 of the 10 largest banking institutions and 5 of the 10 largest wealth management firms in the US.
Other clients include:
  •   Government agencies
  •   Trust companies
  •   Mutual fund companies
  •   Brokerage firms
  •   Software firms supporting the financial industry
  •   Third-party processors
  •   Industry associations
One of the courtesies we extend to our consulting clients is that we do not disclose their names, and we do not ask them to serve as references. If you were to become a client, we would extend that same courtesy to you.


"The Antaean Solutions team made my business stronger, delivered solutions and executed on them (yes, consultants that execute!) and provided sound advice backed by years of actual operating experience. Far more importantly, the Antaean engagements made my team better. The hidden gem in their consulting engagements is their individual coaching. They are process experts and problem solvers, but their true gift is a unique ability to improve individual performance."

                 Executive, Wealth Management

"We were extremely satisfied with our consultant from Antaean Solutions and would absolutely hire the firm for a future engagement. This consultant is a self-starter, works independently, and has strong project discipline and process workflow/improvement skills. In his short time supporting our area he has built expertise and relationships where there was a gap."      Manager, Commercial Bank 

"What made Antaean Solution's consultant stand out above almost every other consultant we have ever used was his self-starting, ability to create his own value. He did not sit around waiting for the next assignment or task. As he learned the situation, he just started anticipating the next tasks and took them on without assignment. When his particular project ran into sponsor issues, he began integrating himself into other projects and other deliverables we had and created his own value proposition."   Manager, Data Analytics

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