Wealth Management Strategy
Antaean Solutions helped a large brokerage and mutual fund company develop a strategy for enhancing its wealth management services. After reviewing the client's current environment, we identified and assessed a number of options related to products, locations, staffing models and roles, technology, and integration. Perhaps our most valuable activity was developing a financial model that allowed the organization to visualize the costs and benefits of various possible choices.

Internal Consulting Group


Antaean Solutions was engaged to help a new and struggling internal consulting organization within a large bank. We were able to help the leadership define what types of consulting engagements were acceptable, document the approach and develop the necessary tools, expertise, and methodology. Proposals became a requirement and the number of people involved in the process was reduced significantly greatly streamlining the process. Although controversial in an internal consulting group, introducing monthly billing was critical to creating a value proposition and reducing non-billable work. As part of this engagement we also provided individual coaching, which was critical in getting them to think and act like consultants, rather than thinking of themselves as staff support. 

Trust Platform Replacement
Antaean Solutions provided subject matter expertise and guidance for system and business process analysis.  We developed business requirements and documentation for the line of business throughout the vendor software development life cycle and then provided project management expertise for data conversion and system implementation for all front office processing.

Strategic Planning


Antaean Solutions facilitated the strategic planning process for a Treasury Management organization of a large regional bank, which had previously not had one. Working with business leaders and leveraging tools we have used on numerous occasions over the past ten years, the team crafted a vision, and identified differentiators and guiding principles. Based on these, strategic focus was created for Sales, Product and Customer Experience.  Leadership teams then created execution plans for these three areas of focus and for Risk Management as well. These plans included priorities for the next three years, metrics to track the progress, and specific deliverables for the next three quarters. The planning process resulted in a disciplined approach to managing the business and unparalleled growth over the next three years. Additional benefits included a robust scorecard and business review, both used to manage the Treasury Management Business.

Risk and Control - Documentation & Analysis


Antaean Solutions identified critical operational risk weaknesses in a retail bank’s anti-fraud processes for both bank card and non-card products. We delivered process maps that highlighted key risk points in the process along with their mitigating controls and control gaps.  The documentation conformed to enterprise standards to facilitate its integration in corporate-wide risk and audit programs. Process maps covered the course of operational steps from beginning to end with sufficient granularity to identify risk points while maintaining a high level perspective. The consulting team included business and risk partners during the discovery, documentation and review phases to expedite final approval of the deliverables. 

Risk and Control - Documentation & Analysis
Antaean Solutions advised management of key risk vulnerabilities for a financial services web-based product that automates the accounts payable (AP) process for bank clients.  Our deliverables guided business strategy and control remediation plans. We developed process flow documentation for all processes from sales and implementation to service delivery and P&L. The documentation highlighted the points where business inherent risks arose, related remediating controls and any control gaps. 
We hope the following will give you a sense of some typical engagements completed by Antaean Solutions.

Project & Change Management


Antaean Solutions provided project and change management expertise to Treasury Services Organizations integrating after a merger of equals. (Products included funds transfer, ACH, deposit products, controlled disbursements, lock box, etc.) We focused on front office training, client communications and readiness regarding the changes in products that resulted from system integrations.

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