With each Antaean Solutions partner having over twenty years of line management experience in financial services, we are often called to act as coaches for managers at all levels of our client organizations. With the pace of change, managers today often do not have the time to dedicate to developing subordinates. Clients use us to augment the manager’s role, most often with high performance or high potential individuals.
This is typically done one-on-one with the individual over a period of months. Using our experience and knowledge of the client organization, we are able to customize our coaching to meet the specific needs of that individual. The goal is always the same, to help the employee become a strong leader and perform more effectively.
In addition to providing individual coaching, we are often asked by leaders to help with organizational development across their entire leadership teams. This effort includes talent assessment, structural alignment, span of control, and acquisition planning. Each of these endeavors begins with a clear understanding of the leader’s objectives, drivers, and success criteria. Again, the approach we take is designed specifically for each client and his or her business needs.

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