Within the financial services industry, almost any change to the way a company processes information becomes a project.  Typical examples include converting from one computer system to another, re-engineering processes, and integrating the workload of an acquired institution. Bottomline, however, we believe that a project is any endeavor that has a definable objective, consumes resources, and operates under time, cost, and quality constraints.
In the last few years project management has become a discipline separate and apart from knowledge and practice of the business itself. The trend to use product management methodologies applied by knowledgeable, and sometimes certified professionals has outlasted many of the management fads that come and go with the publication of successive books.  The practice endures because it works.
Project management:
  • Accomplishes more in less time with fewer people,
  • Enables people to make decisions that are good for the whole company,
  • Increases the likelihood of success,
  • Reduces power struggles,
  • Increases quality, and
  • Improves organizational behavior.
For more than twenty years, the members of Antaean Solutions have been managing and overseeing projects addressing a wide range of critical operational matters.   We can manage your projects from the top, using your own personnel to staff the effort; augment your project team with specific expertise; or any combination of the two approaches.
First and foremost, we understand that project management implementation must be based on the existing culture of the organization.


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