Large financial institutions deliver services in an environment increasingly characterized by regulatory, market, and organizational complexity. Internal business processes and interfaces must be comprehensively understood and evaluated for risk and for potential process enhancement.
Antaean Solutions has performed over 100 risk assessment and mitigation assignments. In most engagements the scope is set by the executive leadership of the business with input from executives from the risk, audit and compliance disciplines. We may use the standards and methodologies established by the client or we may provide our own. As part of a typical risk assessment and mitigation engagement we:


  • Document the current practices of the business using process maps that become
       analytical tools, and ultimately, training tools;
  • Pinpoint significant operational, technology, and compliance risks, along with control gaps and weaknesses with regard to those risks;
  • Identify, categorize, and prioritize opportunities to improve business processes;
  • Produce a collaborative action plan for improvement and a methodology to track progress against that plan;
  • Document test scripts and create or enhance a program to test controls regularly; and
  • Incorporate maps into an evergreen process to govern their contents and to ensure their currency.

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