Complex operations and products require systems that meet their specialized business requirements. Careful, unbiased evaluation and project management is required throughout system selection and deployment project life cycles to ensure success. We provide an efficient search and selection methodology and approach to planning and execution. Examples include selection of investment trading platforms, trust accounting systems and various treasury and bank core processing applications. System selection may be hampered if managed internally:
  • Organizational factions may hamper a fair selection process where all potential candidates are properly vetted.
  • Line management may lack the time to assess all business requirements and short cut the selection process.
  • The project management discipline may not be well-known to, nor practiced by, otherwise capable line management.
  • Project managers, if internally employed, may be too involved in the creation and execution of the selection process to be unbiased in their evaluation; they may favor what they know over what is new in the market place.
  • Internal resources may lack sufficient project management or subject matter expertise to be effective, and are also likely to be consumed by important business-as-usual activities.
As project management experts independent from internal organizations and external vendors, we can provide unbiased assessments of major system choices to managers, steering committees, risk management and audit. As part of each engagement, Antaean Solutions:
  • Agrees on scope, audience, business requirements and timing for the selection process as well as escalation rules based on the organization’s methodology;
  • Evaluates and makes recommendations about people, processes and technology during selection process;
  • Arbitrates disagreements between the company and selected vendors at all major phases of the selection process, if desired; and
  • Develops a deployment strategy working with the company and the vendor that leverages strengths of the company and vendor for a successful implementation.
During the planning phases of the system deployment project, we will be able to evaluate and make recommendations about:
  • Project scope planning and definition,
  • Schedule development,
  • Resource planning,
  • Cost estimates and the budget,
  • Quality planning,
  • Communications planning, and
  • Risk management planning.



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